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Tuesday, 21 March 2006 03:23

Virtual Link

Download (640kb)

This fan game was created by ZeldaPower's very own Aaron Holt way back in 1998, when ZeldaPower.com was still known as Zelda 64 On-Line. This game plays somewhat like one of those virtual pet simulators, except your "pet" is Link! The game has a bit more of an adventure twist to it, and it should keep you entertained for a while.

This game has several cheat codes for it, which are listed below:

Password - Effect

Battle - Stage 2
Dungeon - Stage 3
Hyrule - Stage 4
Shield - End Boss
vrcheat - Stage Select
release - Shows Zelda 64 Release Date
website - Zelda 64 On-line URL
n64games - Top N64 Game List
zelda64 - Mini Screen Shots

Press the Keypad "+" key Increase Health by 25 Points
Press the Keypad "-" key Skip to Next Stage